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writer / director / producer

BORN AND RAISED IN THE SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, Vincent’s most recent endeavor was producing the critically-acclaimed feature film BELLFLOWER, which made it’s world premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and sold to Adam Yauch’s (of the Beastie Boys) distribution company – Oscilloscope Laboratories. Bellflower has won numerous awards domestically and internationally and was nominated for two 2012 Independent Spirit Awards including a joint nomination for Grashaw and the film’s director for the John Cassavetes Award for Best Feautre Film. In the summer of 2011 the film was released on over 100 screens across the US and is currently making it’s theatrical run in several foreign markets throughout 2012. Bellflower has garnered critical acclaim from such notable publications as Rolling Stone, Variety, The Wall Street Journal, the New York and Los Angeles Times, and Roger Ebert with reviewers including the film on nearly 30 “Best of 2011″ lists. Vincent intends to produce films under the Coatwolf banner with Evan Glodell. Vincent’s filmography also include: the much acclaimed and award-winning horror film CALLOUS SENTIMENT; the beloved Fijian language film ELIKI, which was selected as a Top-10 Finalist in Kevin Spacey’s Triggerstreet Film Festival in 2010; and SAVANNA, a controversial piece that premiered at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and won the ‘Excellence in Film’ award at the Accolade Film Competition. COLDWATER is Vincent’s feature-length directorial debut.



BORN IN TORONTO, CANADA where he acted in several commercials and television productions when he was a child, Mark moved to the United States to attend film school at San Francisco State University and subsequently performed in a number of independent productions. Mark studied acting with Cliff Osmond for three years and has authored several screenplays, including co-authoring ‘Coldwater’ with Vincent Grashaw, whom he began collaborating with during the first HBO Project Greenlight film competition. ‘Four Corners’, another screenplay about the highs and lows of a popular bar’s nightlife, is in its early stages of development. A dual citizen since 2006, Mark now resides both in Canada and the U.S.



Over the years Jayson has lived in Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Anchorage and many others cities, but these days enjoys calling Los Angeles home. Before graduating from Columbia College Chicago (Bachelor of Arts, with Honors), Jayson photographed his first feature at the age of 21 and interned first for Panavision Chicago and then with Tom Priestly, ASC, on the box office success Barbershop. Following these opportunities, he was accepted to the prestigious American Film Institute, where he received his Masters of Fine Arts in Cinematography. Jayson’s diverse body of work includes photographing feature films in virtually every genre while working all across the US as well as in Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines. In 2011 his work was seen in theaters around the world in the Lionsgate release From Prada to Nada (as the Los Angeles Unit Director of Photography). When he’s not on set, Jayson conducts Cinematography seminars and workshops at schools and various film organizations both in the US and abroad. In 2010 he was invited to be a guest speaker for a 3 day seminar on Cinematography at the Skena Up International Film Festival in Kosovo. Earlier that year he was invited to teach cinematography for 6 weeks in the Philippines. Additionally, in 2011 he served as the Technical Editor for a book on Digital Cinematography and Lighting. Coldwater is Jayson’s 20th feature film as a Director of Photography.


executive producer

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Joe attended The Citadel Military College in South Carolina and is known for being the eternal optimist. Having diverse skills, Joe’s spent most of his entire life creating, writing, inventing and designing: he worked as a staff writer for country superstar Charlie Rich, invented the KVM drawer for the computer industry (HP), has written over 200 songs, started his music/production studio Flying Pig Productions, and is about to publish his first book, “Plan B, A survival Guide” in January 2013. His combination of business and creative skills made him a perfect candidate to be an executive producer. He learned that, that was his calling when he read the “Coldwater “script. Having been immensely successful in several professions, Joe claims the production of ‘Coldwater’ was the “perfect storm” and one of the finest accomplishments of his life (overshadowing the KVM drawer which had been his most successful creation to date). Joe also owns three other companies in the entertainment and technology fields, POSSE audio, XS Micro, and Component Search.com Joe has three sons and currently resides in Yorba Linda, California.



Living in Hawaii through her early years of development Kris learned to appreciate the beauty and tranquility this world has to offer. That early upbringing inspired her to do something different, to stand out in the crowd and what a better platform than filmmaking. Her introduction in the film business was the management of her two youngest sons who were rather successful actors in their own right, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, THE DEEP END and ASSASSINATION OF RICHARD NIXON, which introduced her to Vince Grashaw and COLDWATER. Vince and the Dorrance’s became instant friends and formed a partnership with one major focus, the love of the screenplay COLDWATER. Skipping Stone Entertainment is currently working on several other film projects, FRIGHTVILLE, TEXAS, THE BAILEY BOYS, and AMERICA HERO.



Dave Gare is a production and post-production veteran of the film, television and multimedia community for twenty-four years. Since his early on-set training on the motion pictures COCKTAIL, MIDNIGHT RUN, COMING TO AMERICA, DO THE RIGHT THING, BLUE STEEL and FAMILY BUSINESS, Dave has produced motion pictures in all formats, worldwide. Dave has shot on four continents, producing shoots in China, Japan, Brazil, Chile, France, The Netherlands, Spain, The United Kingdom as well as ten of the United States. Dave was on the branding team that turned VERIZON into a top ten worldwide brand in the space of a year. Dave’s television work includes SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, PEEWEE’S PLAYHOUSE, and ASK DR. SPOCK. Dave’s staff positions have included BLUE PLATE PRODUCTIONS, OVATION ENTERTAINMENT, THE FILM DEPARTMENT, and MISCELLANEOUS ENTERTAINMENT. In 1994 Dave started the company Cybermedia Interactive Corp. in New York and remained its president for ten years. As chief producer and director for Cybermedia, Dave was considered one of the top video designers in the world winning 21 awards for his creative including Cine Golden Eagles, Tellys, a New York Festival award, Communicators and a Questar. In 2005, Dave left Cybermedia to re-enter the feature film business. Since then Dave has worked as an associate producer on the films GRAY MATTERS (Heather Graham, Sissy Spacek), FIRST SNOW (Guy Pearce, Piper Perabo), TRADE (Kevin Kline), and LAW ABIDING CITIZEN (Gerard Butler, Jamie Fox). He also worked as an on-set executive for PRIME (Meryl Streep), SUNSHINE CLEANING (Amy Adams, Alan Arkin), and KING OF CALIFORNIA (Michael Douglas). After 22 years in production, in 2007 Dave took the job as head of post-production for The Film Department. He remained there for over two years rounding out his motion picture experience to include acquisition and foreign sales through delivery and distribution/marketing. Dave is a member of THE PRODUCER’S GUILD, HOLLYWOOD POST ALLIANCE, NEW YORK NEW MEDIA ASSOCIATION, THE FRIARS CLUB, and he is an ADOBE MASTER.



Sarah Farrand started her career in the entertainment industry working in market research for Panavision, Inc. After a year there, she moved on to work in commercial and television production. Her commercial/TV credits include ACTIVISION, CHRISTINA AGULIERA PERFUME and TLC’s BRINGING HOME BABY. In 2006. Farrand began working as the production and post-production coordinator for the boutique production company LEOMAX ENTERTAINMENT. During her time at Leomax, she completed the films WALLED IN, GRACE, and THE SHORTCUT. Farrand worked closely with the Leomax’s partners in packaging/development, production, post-production, and managed delivery of the films to foreign distributors. During her time at Leomax, Farrand developed valuable relationships with distributors, production companies, sales agents, writers, production and post-production vendors and crew. In 2009, Farrand began working as the post-production executive for THE FILM DEPARTMENT. She worked on the films THE REBOUND (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and LAW ABIDING CITIZEN (Gerard Butler, Jamie Fox). The Film Department allowed Farrand to round out her experience in big-budget financing, domestic delivery, VFX, marketing and audience testing. When Farrand left The Film Department, she teamed up with producers Dave Gare, Jason Blum and Scott Hanson to produce a “sizzle” reel for the CAA feature film, INSIDE OUT. Farrand moved on to take a position as Director of Creative and Production at the independent production company, Miscellaneous Entertainment where she helped manage a slate that included COLORBLIND, GUNS OF THE DEAD, and WHO’S YOUR DADDY. Sarah remained at Miscellaneous until she left to start her own independent production company with Dave Gare. Gare Farrand Entertainment is currently in development on three feature films, and recently produced the feature film COLDWATER. Sarah graduated from USC where she received her B.A. in Communication-Film and Society.


executive producer

Born and raised in Oakland California. Mike’s early focus was playing sports which led him to University of Las Vegas on a football scholarship. Mike owns and manages several successful businesses and is a speaker at professional industry conventions across the nation. He has been a past advisor and board member of several Fortune 500 Companies. His wife and business partner at Skipping Stone Productions have four grown children and five grandchildren. Mike’s true passion is writing, recently completing the their next project, a horror film entitled FRIGHTVILLE, TEXAS, and has two other scripts in development. Mike along with Kris met Vince and fell in love with the COLDWATER script and became fast friends and partners with the writer and director.


production designer

Geoff Flint was born in Los Angeles where he grew up surrounded by the urban landscape and it’s culture clash. Inspired by film, art, video games, music, and underground culture, he created prolific art and illustrations as a youth. While studying fine art and film production at USC, Geoff was able to bridge his love for art and film by tailoring his education towards production design. While still in college, Geoff designed his first feature “Jesus Rides Shotgun” for director Burke Roberts in 1995. Since then, Geoff has gone on to a storied career as a production designer and art director, working in features, shorts, television, music videos, and commercials. Some of his recent credits include “The Rambler” (feature), “Coldwater” (feature), and “Been Good To Know Yuh” (short). Geoff Flint’s passion for production design has earned his reputation as “the hardest working man in showbiz”. A consummate professional and collaborator, Geoff works feverishly to bring to life the fantasy worlds inside the director’s head. With a skill set that includes set design illustration to construction, Geoff is able to conceptualize and build any imaginable universe. Whether on stage, or a remote location, Geoff has the vision to transform any space. Recently Geoff has collaborated with Burke Roberts for The Engine Collision Fest, transforming a gallery space with artist Kofie One as well as producing new art for the group show. Recent directors Geoff has collaborated with include Calvin Lee Reeder, Shane Drake, Tim Nackashi, Isaac Rentz, Tony Petrossian, Chris Marrs Piliero, Chad Michael Ward, Vincent Grashaw, Spencer Susser, and Wayne Isham. Geoff Flint still lives in and is inspired by Los Angeles.

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